Letting Me Flow

Hopefully you got the basics from the About Me page, if not check that out and come back, I’ll wait 😉

Anyhoo ( I love that word) I love to write and I am on a journey to find myself. I know its cliche but it is true.  As long as I can remember no matter what was going on in my life I found solace and comfort in writing, had  a journal from the time I could write and would write just about anything – lists of people, places, animals etc or stories – real and made up.  To this very day I still love writing just about anything.

And I have many different interests outside the normal family and pets.  I love to read and will read almost anything, I love to learn.  I love animals/wildlife and want to do extensive research – I wish I would have became a Zoologist/Biologist. I am Prime Time tv lover. I collect coins. I like to cook and I love to eat. I fish and I love it, enjoy it wish I could do it for a living lol. And the it goes on – I can’t give it all away in the first post cmonnnn!!!

I am weird, I am different – I don’t fit into any one category never have never will and I am tired of trying to change that. I started this blog to engage my true self, my earliest passion and find my inner roar.  I hope that you subscribe and come along on this journey with me  and please share me like crazy – I am not advertising this to family and friends because I plan on hitting on some hot topics in the future.


  • True Stories from my Life Experiences, Past & Present
  • Useful Information Pages & Posts
  • Fun /Useful Stuff I do on the internet
  • Book Reviews – Maybe a Book Club

Contact me anytime through Social Media or my contact information.

Thank You for reading, seriously!


Your thoughts?

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