Screw the New Year, New Me…

I am going to find the ME I should have always been this year and I will not allow anything or anyone to get in my way. As hard as it may be I NEED to learn to take care of MYSELF and worry about my health and stability OVER ANYONE ELSE!!!

Back to work tomorrow after being on Vacation since Christmas – normally I would be full of anxiety about what will come or how things will be.  I am an Office Manager – end of year, new year is tough. But strangely I am excited to start the New Year fresh and begin to put the past two years behind me. You see I had some serious problems at work that caused tremendous financial difficulties for the business and severely strained my relationships with my Dad and Uncle – who are my bosses.  That is a story deserving of its own post or two, and not one I am willing to tell just yet.

I started this post with no clear direction really, kinda wanted to address the new year and share some things on my mind. So here goes…

I understand prices go up yearly – even more so this year with the minimum wage increase but my Valley Stream,NY Dunkin Donuts is a little ridiculous.

1: Am I poor or cheap? Or do you agree?                                                                                             2015: Extra Large Coffee + 2 Donuts $4.39              Extra Large Coffee $2.49                                   2016: Extra Large Coffee + 2 Donuts $4.62              Extra Large Coffee $2.82                              As a result of this adding to the fact that my Grandma got a Keurig 2.0 I am now making my night coffee at home as of tonight therefore I will be saving $19.74 a week!  Woo Hoo!

2: I am a TV junkie and a back at the start of July I started watching NYPD Blue from its inception on my Fire TV stick, today (sniff sniff) I started the final season – Season 12.  I feel like I am leaving a job I have worked at for 25 years lol.  I am just so upset it is like I am a Detective at the 15th Squad.  Hey – I drink enough coffee HA HA

Feel free to share me like a pack of gum, I need all the support I can get. . And believe me all support will be very much appreciated.

refuse to share this on Facebook because I rather not my family (any of them) get a hold of this.  The future of this blog depends on me to be true to myself and be able to write freely about what I want without worrying about who is going to have something to say.

Thanks all , goodnight

Have a Kick Ass First Monday of 2016


PS: Let me know if you think this post is too long?


Your thoughts?

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