Here I am – 11 pm – two hours of messing around online to take care of  a few of the hundred activities my possible touch of ADD self participates in and I am doing another post as promised!!! And the promise from my earlier post was not just to you all but ME!!! I didn’t want to force it but then as I realized I sat at the computer at 9ish look at all the stuff I did before getting on WP.

Procastination roared it’s ugly head once again. But c’est la vie…

I am here now and continuing that thread (appropriate use of the term?}.  Instead of having a more meaningful post that I can think of while driving home, doing laundry, feeding the cat or while in the shower. But when I sit down wanting to write all that I do I’ll check an email, respond to someone on facebook or zone out on a tv show for 1o minutes.

Today I googled procrastination. It was like I finally admitted to myself, gave in to the dreadful truth that is who I am. After some reading I am starting to realize that procrastination is not laziness (as learned from the blog post I saw that started  it all – the Raptitude blog).  So while that statement makes me feel better , knowing it is an issue buried a little deeper into your psyche scares me.  But in true Sabrina fashion I will do my research and try to grow and work with this new found ownership of my not so great trait.

I want to do and be a part of so many things then I want to share all that and more to connect with people in a way that is comfortable to me and like I never have before. So in a way today definitely was a new fresh start. Admitting I am a procrastinator, trying to change and learning why. Then sharing my growth and life with my multitude of followers – eventually bahahahahaha.

PS there ARE NOT enough good memes about procrastinating ughhhh







2 thoughts on “I DID IT!

    1. ! Hi Anna welcome to PNSA – Procastinators Not So Anonymous! LOL
      Look forward to hearing that tale one of these days.
      And it means very much to me that you are interested – thank you!


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