About Me

Ever since I was young I loved to write – anything at all too.  For some reason I never was pushed to continue in any kind of literary way and it never occurred to me on my own.

Here I am – 34 years old living at home, working for my Dad and Uncle.  With no friends – partly my fault plus nobody close enough in my immediate or extended family that I feel pretty much alone but I have realized that is OK.  I am a Loner and that doesn’t mean I will always be alone.

The past year I have put much more of an effort of getting back to my own roots – rediscovering who I am really am, trying to get past all the pain, hurt, changes, emotions, regrets of the past ten years or so.  But it has been slow going.  I started a blog on free stuff before this – it helped but more on that later.

I did rethink the blogging thing and decided to take a different approach and blog about me, my life, my past and my forward moving journey.  That is how you landed here reading this.

Hope you stick around what is sure to be wild ride 😉


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