I am a Consumer.

First off – I know it has been a month!!!  Ugh!!!  And I keep talking about getting out of my own way and getting on some kind of blogging  and activity schedule and so far, obviosuly I have not.  So I will not do that to you or myself any longer.  All I can do is try to keep moving forward in my life and therefore my wrting.

NOW  onto my post topic – I am a Consumer!  But here is some basic info.  I don’t have money to burn.  I really don’t buy unnecessary things.  I try to compare prices, use coupons, take advantage of sales, get rebates etc.  Not shop at 7-Eleven or bodgas.  But I am far from that organized and efficient these days.  So I try but I am not 100% dedicated – working on it. I am not the first person to get the latest tech or electronics the minute it comes out either and I just got the iPhone 5S lol.

So why am I making a big deal about being a consumer?                                                                      Because not all people really get to know the products you use or the company behind it.  And brand loyalty is not a priority to many people.  I am brand loyal, to a fault sometimes.  I also research the company behind the product and learn what I can about them.  And I will interact on social media with this companies for a variety of reasons,sometimes often. This is something I started getting into a few years ago.  It is what led me to my first blog  – Product Junkie.  I as usual went too hard too fast and bombed badly.  This is a whole other blog post but I will link the site below – I still have it so in the future I can maybe one day revive it!    https://wordpress.com/plans/freeproductjunkie.wordpress.com

One day a few years back I stumbled on a product testing community that I joined and then found some other ones and joined them too.  I really love getting free stuff and these opportiunities play right to the type of consumer I am. One of them is Smiley360. They are and have been my favorite site! And after a longgg break I logged back in, caught up on some general profile surveys and waited for a mission.  I applied and got accepted and today received my new Mission: FREE Necafe Tasters Choice  Single Serve Instant Coffee Packets. Mission Link: http://h5.sml360.com/-/27zn8 Below is a link to my YouTube where  posted a quick video to show what comes in the kit.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKfaeW0Ytpc1LBQpvyU9JsA                                              (I don’t use Youtube like that but I don’t yet have Premium here and could not upload the video here)

http://baconmeplease.com/   If you like food, different variations of food, trying new things, having something different, please check out the Bacon Salted Caramels from the Denver Bacon Co.  I stumbled on this free sample over a year ago – tried them and was blown away. Delicious caramel with pleasan smoky bacon bit surprises.  Really good stuff! Plus if your an all out bacon afficionadio you will love the other bacon products they carry – I just ordered all three items the other day because I could not choose just one. Oink Oink What makes is even better? This guy Daniel Bailey is totally down to earth and offers some pretty good deals.  He makes it a point to address his marketing emails to you personally. He has a pretty cool backstory and a company I am proud to purchse from and promote.  Small American Business following their own American Dream!  Anybody try or purchase these? Comment Below, especially if you try them after reading my post.IMG_20160827_225748

If this is the first time visiting I,Lioness please review my previous post “Brand Loyalty – It Should Mean Something” for a little more insight into my thoughts and feelings on the subject.

I will be doing a part 2 to this soon, there is much more to it for me and I look forward to sharing more about this part of me and my lifestyle.

As always, thanks for reading – until next time peeps 🙂



Brand Loyalty – It Should Mean Something

I believe that having Loyalty to a brand should mean that you get Loyalty back from the brand.  Especially in today’s world where prices are so ridiculously high even for “no-frills” or store brands.  I want to know that my consistent purchases from a Brand are recognized and valued.  And I believe we should get something back in return.  That is why I love companies that have any type of reward program.  It shows they care about more than just the money.  Companies that don’t, well they kinda suck – even if I buy your stuff anyway.

The Kellogg’s Brand and their Kellogg’s Family Rewards {KFR} Program.  You don’t realize how many products are from the Kellogg’s Brand Family until you get on the site and take a look.  Besides your regular Kellogg’s cereal I never knew Eggo or Morning Star Farms were part of the family.  There are many others too, I am sure you all know, I was not aware of most of them honestly.

Here is the link to their site: https://www.kelloggsfamilyrewards.com

Collect points from specially marked packages, add your loyalty shopper cards for participating stores or upload receipts and watch the points add up.  Kellogg’s also runs tons of bonus offers – for multiple package buys on one trip or for a new or featured product. Not to mention how awesome they are when they give points away – just for signing in and the amazing Shutterfly codes for all kinds of fun items.  Rack up the points and redeem for all kinds of rewards from kids coloring pages to gift cards to electronics. This is my favorite Loyalty program simply because they get it, they care – genuinely about their consumers.

Recently I was having glitches show up on their website which made some areas quite hard to navigate, read and interact with.  Add in my prescription progressive glasses for the near/far sighted vision I have and I gave up most times and logged off. But then I really wanted to write about this program and how much I love it. And as someone who LOVESSS to give her opinion I reached out to them on Facebook to let them know how horrible the site was and that I wanted to feature it on my blog but not with the glitches. They wrote me back in 3 hours apologizing and asking for a private message with screen shots and details of my device and OS.  Due to computer problems, I couldn’t get back to them until yesterday when I sent photos and a short demonstration video.  They again got right back to me.


Please let me know if you are a member also  and how you participate or  write me if you are not and end up checking it out – whether you join or not.  Thanks for reading 🙂