I have returned from the Matrix!

I finally saw The Matrix movie a couple of months ago prompted by my boyfriend who believes lol.  That is the only reason I chose that as my title of my long awaited return post/

Where have I been you ask? LIVING – like for real, I never lived like I have this past year.  Shortly before I did my last naughty little blog post I started “talking” to someone.  He is someone I know from high school and while we were friendly kinda we were not friends and did not know much about each other at all.  He has hit me up on facebook like 4-5 in the past 5 years or so and it was just never the right time for me and honestly thought it was weird and had no curiosity whatsoever.

{Side note: I feel like you only know what the term “talking” means if you are and 80’s baby}

As I may have discussed previously the past ten years or so have been through hell generally and in the relationship department.

But you know how they say things happen for a reason? Well Donald Dump running for President facilitated me finding my soulmate and truly beginning living my life.  We both hate him and our Facebook friendship began developing over our posts regarding the situation.  It seemed most people we know felt the opposite so it sorta became me and him battling it out politically on Facebook with everyone else.

Then January 2017 he proposed lets get together and smoke some pot soon. We conversated a bit and flirted some on messenger that month.  Then early February messaged me to hang out and I ignored it lol.  Then on Valentines Day he messaged me, we xhatted for a minute then he texted me a vday poem about ending white supremacy together hahahahaha.

We started texting that day and a week later I invited him over to smoke, I was nervous he was mad casual. The heavy flirting started immediately. From that day I could not believe how easy it was between us.  It scared me I thought I was imagining things, wishful thinking, dreaming – all of it.

Fast forward today, we are a couple, we are happy, we are in love.  We are moving to Vermont in the Fall/Winter.  It is genuine and true and everything I have ever wanted in a life partner, life long love affair.  I never see my life without him in it.

He has been amazing for my mind, body and soul! He ahs taught me to be happy with my body, how to let go of the negativity in my life, to stand up for myself, to face my fears and anxiety, to create goals and most importantly how to be loved.

We are so alike , we love so much of the same things and love sharing individual likes with one another. We love learning about each other and learning new things together. We love to relax, eat, travel and love.

I am finally really in a place to develop my writing and I am setting aside time once a week to blog so stay tuned 🙂



Nominated: The 2016 Liebster Award

SHOUT OUT TO:  Brenda @ https://cyberneticblonde.com/

She Nominated me for the 2016 Liebster Award.  I didn’t even know of such an award and I am flattered at the nomination.  Brenda and I just found one another after my guest post on another blog ( see previous post).  She likes my stuff and I like hers. Very thought provoking posts and amazing images she finds to use that are related to her posts. You will definitely not be sorry visiting her page.



My favorite Blog right now is:


Written by Ari Meghlen. I found it through WordPress Reader and I am so happy I did.  Described as “tips, tricks and tutorials for writers” it is ALL that and then some.Ari is intelligent and well spoken.  She brings a personal feel to her writing and you feel an instant connection to her.  I was engulfed in her blog from the first visit.  I visit daily now because she has so much useful content.  Ari and I have also chatted via email and she even invited me to do a guest post on her blog.  https://theeternalscribbler.wordpress.com/2016/06/07/guest-post-am-i-really-a-writer/comment-page-1/#comment-223. She is down to earth and makes you feel like a friend immediately.  That is so refreshing especially when you have questions or want more information on content she has posted.  Her tutorials are a MUST SEE.  They are proving to me invaluable as I trudge along my personal discovery journey and my writing journey.  If you check out MY blog you will begin to learn more about me lol.  After all Ari is the reason I got nominated so HUGE thanks to her.  Because of my guest post on her blog I got found by Brenda and nominated. So please check The Eternal Scribbler out.


1. I am allergic to Penicillin

2. My eyes are Blue

3. I cannot ride a Bicycle

4. I love the Crime Genre (Books, TV, Movies Etc)

5. I don’t sleep with a top sheet

6. My middle name is Alice

7. I have two lions tattooed on my back

8. I only eat Onions in Onion Rings, and only occasionly

9. I have a Dog, A Cat and  Fish

10. I have two birthmarks



  1. The Eternal Scribbler – https://theeternalscribbler.wordpress.com/
  2. CyberneticBlonde – http://cyberneticblonde.com/
  3. World of Horror – https://amirhoseinghazi.wordpress.com/
  4. Anna Kaling – http://annakaling.com/
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  1. What is your biggest regret?
  2. Name a run down bar in your community?
  3. What is the scariest thing to ever happen to you?
  4. Do you believe in ghosts?
  5. Do you watch the olympics?
  6. Who is your inspiration?
  7. When do want to retire?
  8. Why do you read other blogs?
  9. Name 3 Serial Killers?
  10. Where do you want to travel the most?










Letting Me Flow

Hopefully you got the basics from the About Me page, if not check that out and come back, I’ll wait 😉

Anyhoo ( I love that word) I love to write and I am on a journey to find myself. I know its cliche but it is true.  As long as I can remember no matter what was going on in my life I found solace and comfort in writing, had  a journal from the time I could write and would write just about anything – lists of people, places, animals etc or stories – real and made up.  To this very day I still love writing just about anything.

And I have many different interests outside the normal family and pets.  I love to read and will read almost anything, I love to learn.  I love animals/wildlife and want to do extensive research – I wish I would have became a Zoologist/Biologist. I am Prime Time tv lover. I collect coins. I like to cook and I love to eat. I fish and I love it, enjoy it wish I could do it for a living lol. And the it goes on – I can’t give it all away in the first post cmonnnn!!!

I am weird, I am different – I don’t fit into any one category never have never will and I am tired of trying to change that. I started this blog to engage my true self, my earliest passion and find my inner roar.  I hope that you subscribe and come along on this journey with me  and please share me like crazy – I am not advertising this to family and friends because I plan on hitting on some hot topics in the future.


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  • Book Reviews – Maybe a Book Club

Contact me anytime through Social Media or my contact information.

Thank You for reading, seriously!