A Little Erotica never hurt…

Take the very bottom of her hair and place it in the palm of your hand and close your hand tightly over it

Begin wrapping her ponytail around and around your hand until you reach the base of her ponytail, don’t go fast – make her anticipate every wrap and every turn of your wrist

The nerve endings in her scalp and neck will be firing off like fireworks on the Fourth of July

Slowly  give a aggressive but not violent tug backwards and to whatever side your hand is, she wants to look back at you penetrating her from behind, she wants to be able to see the pleasure on your face.  But also be able to snap back if you start to loosen your grip

Once her breath has quickened and she responds by arching her back, swaying her ass and moaning  – then you can slide your cock in slow but forcefully – all the way in until she can’t take it anymore and then take it out, do it again and this time stay deep – oh so deep and keep a tight grip on that hair…




That is it! I have had it with his promises and apologies. I am sick of putting my needs last his first. Why do my dreams and goals mean nothing to him and everything to me. And why do my husband’s dreams and goals seem to dictate every aspect of our life together?

Now that I finally woke up out of this fog, I decided to dictate my own life – with or without him!!  I am moving South, I heard of an amazing wildlife rescue in desperate need of a Forensic Specialist in Kentucky.

I have been packing for two days while he sits there – yes him my so called husband watching me carry crates and bags and boxes to my truck and just laughs and says “WTF the thrift shop is gonna love all that stuff” and goes back to his “most important life work”.  He does not even realize that I have not spoken a word to him in 72 hours or that all of my toiletries are gone from the bathroom.  And our dogs – who he claims he loves so much – he has not realized they are packed up and ready to go as well.

Fast Forward…..

It is 36 hours later and my cell rings, – it is the husband I once had.  Umm where are you? I haven’t eaten yet today.  I laugh quite hysterically – that is when he realizes something is wrong.  He asks again – Where are you?   I calmly say “I have headed South – look to your left there is an envelope there explaining everything, PLEASE do not take longer than the 36 hours it took to realize I was gone to SIGN THE DIVORCE PAPERS.

CLICK (dialtone) I do wish we were face-timing so  could see the look on his face!!!!

But I smile to myself and at the dogs in the rearview and then look back forward to MY goals ans dreams as I pull up to my very first Animal Cruelty Crime Scene.