Nominated: The 2016 Liebster Award

SHOUT OUT TO:  Brenda @

She Nominated me for the 2016 Liebster Award.  I didn’t even know of such an award and I am flattered at the nomination.  Brenda and I just found one another after my guest post on another blog ( see previous post).  She likes my stuff and I like hers. Very thought provoking posts and amazing images she finds to use that are related to her posts. You will definitely not be sorry visiting her page.



My favorite Blog right now is:

Written by Ari Meghlen. I found it through WordPress Reader and I am so happy I did.  Described as “tips, tricks and tutorials for writers” it is ALL that and then some.Ari is intelligent and well spoken.  She brings a personal feel to her writing and you feel an instant connection to her.  I was engulfed in her blog from the first visit.  I visit daily now because she has so much useful content.  Ari and I have also chatted via email and she even invited me to do a guest post on her blog. She is down to earth and makes you feel like a friend immediately.  That is so refreshing especially when you have questions or want more information on content she has posted.  Her tutorials are a MUST SEE.  They are proving to me invaluable as I trudge along my personal discovery journey and my writing journey.  If you check out MY blog you will begin to learn more about me lol.  After all Ari is the reason I got nominated so HUGE thanks to her.  Because of my guest post on her blog I got found by Brenda and nominated. So please check The Eternal Scribbler out.


1. I am allergic to Penicillin

2. My eyes are Blue

3. I cannot ride a Bicycle

4. I love the Crime Genre (Books, TV, Movies Etc)

5. I don’t sleep with a top sheet

6. My middle name is Alice

7. I have two lions tattooed on my back

8. I only eat Onions in Onion Rings, and only occasionly

9. I have a Dog, A Cat and  Fish

10. I have two birthmarks



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  1. What is your biggest regret?
  2. Name a run down bar in your community?
  3. What is the scariest thing to ever happen to you?
  4. Do you believe in ghosts?
  5. Do you watch the olympics?
  6. Who is your inspiration?
  7. When do want to retire?
  8. Why do you read other blogs?
  9. Name 3 Serial Killers?
  10. Where do you want to travel the most?











Do I have a Purpose?


Often I find my inner me saying you have a bigger purpose in life than you think.  But what that is I am not completely sure.  Saving animals, saving the oceans, helping abused kids, inventing something or discovering something. Or all of those things and then some?

Who knows? Will anyone ever know? How will I know when it hits me, will it be a “AA HA” this is what I am meant to do or a long and tedious build up to the inevitable.  I feel like I could be Multi Purpose. That possibly one thing will build into many.  And in the end I can say it was my lifelong work that I didn’t know I was doing until I knew.

The past few weeks and have been good and bad but I can feel the changes coming on – you  may know them too. Those times when you have been so miserable for so long and then one day you realize you are feeling different  – maybe a bit more optimistic and not as sad. SO could it be another part of the build up?

Stick around and find out what happens next as I start to crawl out of the hole I have been in. I will appreciate every like, comment or follow. And I promise to make more of an effort with my online interacting.  Thank You for reading. Nite all

RWE Quote Purpose

Then I find this amazing quote and my whole thought process on the subject is now in knots 😦




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That is it! I have had it with his promises and apologies. I am sick of putting my needs last his first. Why do my dreams and goals mean nothing to him and everything to me. And why do my husband’s dreams and goals seem to dictate every aspect of our life together?

Now that I finally woke up out of this fog, I decided to dictate my own life – with or without him!!  I am moving South, I heard of an amazing wildlife rescue in desperate need of a Forensic Specialist in Kentucky.

I have been packing for two days while he sits there – yes him my so called husband watching me carry crates and bags and boxes to my truck and just laughs and says “WTF the thrift shop is gonna love all that stuff” and goes back to his “most important life work”.  He does not even realize that I have not spoken a word to him in 72 hours or that all of my toiletries are gone from the bathroom.  And our dogs – who he claims he loves so much – he has not realized they are packed up and ready to go as well.

Fast Forward…..

It is 36 hours later and my cell rings, – it is the husband I once had.  Umm where are you? I haven’t eaten yet today.  I laugh quite hysterically – that is when he realizes something is wrong.  He asks again – Where are you?   I calmly say “I have headed South – look to your left there is an envelope there explaining everything, PLEASE do not take longer than the 36 hours it took to realize I was gone to SIGN THE DIVORCE PAPERS.

CLICK (dialtone) I do wish we were face-timing so  could see the look on his face!!!!

But I smile to myself and at the dogs in the rearview and then look back forward to MY goals ans dreams as I pull up to my very first Animal Cruelty Crime Scene.