Ugh…16 Days

Hey Y’all !!!!                                                                                                                                                 {Yes I live in New Yawk but my Momma was a Southerner and I lived in Florida close  to 5 years and I like it }

I know two posts ago I said I was going to really try to get put one post a week.  And I just log in to WordPress and see ” It has been 16 Days…” and I am like Damnnnnnnnnnn It!

Any way I was going to write anyway because I have so much on my mind the past few days.  I feel focused.  I feel like my old self – from 25 years ago. And that’s good, for the most part.  I am trying to create a new routine, set writing and publishing goals and make time for my other activities. Those are supposed to be part of  my what I want to write about too! All while trying not to continue doing the OCD thing I do where I make a list of all the things to do and start at the top every day. And never finish or get anywhere! Baby Steps.  Really tiny baby feet steps lol.

So is it really weird that I have Tampons that I bought in a multi pack that I don’t use and I offered to give away on Facebook. I said to answer via private message or text for obvious reasons.  But it was just ignored. So are people like – WTF is wrong with this crazy woman? It is a shame to throw away and I don’t know if I can donate somewhere?  Any references please comment.

I mean I don’t care all that much what most people on Facebook think of me. Cause I  also started a Social Media purge this week. Deleting people and pages that are not relevant or meaningful to me.  Some family and extended family included.  People talk about me anyway lol.  And I was keeping “friends” on that I had barely or never even interacted with. Then all these pages I have absent minded clicked or been asked/pushed to Like – GONE!  Timelines and news feeds are looking much better!  And this is good because I will be more inclined to use these platforms and interact with more people :).  I am also keeping family from everything but Facebook.

I am going to save some more of this stuff on my mind for next post.  Got some mail and other crap to catch up on and clean up before 11:41.

Remember – Sharing is Caring !!! And all that you do will make a difference to me!!!

I will have another post out by Sunday – Promise y’all!


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Brand Loyalty – It Should Mean Something

I believe that having Loyalty to a brand should mean that you get Loyalty back from the brand.  Especially in today’s world where prices are so ridiculously high even for “no-frills” or store brands.  I want to know that my consistent purchases from a Brand are recognized and valued.  And I believe we should get something back in return.  That is why I love companies that have any type of reward program.  It shows they care about more than just the money.  Companies that don’t, well they kinda suck – even if I buy your stuff anyway.

The Kellogg’s Brand and their Kellogg’s Family Rewards {KFR} Program.  You don’t realize how many products are from the Kellogg’s Brand Family until you get on the site and take a look.  Besides your regular Kellogg’s cereal I never knew Eggo or Morning Star Farms were part of the family.  There are many others too, I am sure you all know, I was not aware of most of them honestly.

Here is the link to their site:

Collect points from specially marked packages, add your loyalty shopper cards for participating stores or upload receipts and watch the points add up.  Kellogg’s also runs tons of bonus offers – for multiple package buys on one trip or for a new or featured product. Not to mention how awesome they are when they give points away – just for signing in and the amazing Shutterfly codes for all kinds of fun items.  Rack up the points and redeem for all kinds of rewards from kids coloring pages to gift cards to electronics. This is my favorite Loyalty program simply because they get it, they care – genuinely about their consumers.

Recently I was having glitches show up on their website which made some areas quite hard to navigate, read and interact with.  Add in my prescription progressive glasses for the near/far sighted vision I have and I gave up most times and logged off. But then I really wanted to write about this program and how much I love it. And as someone who LOVESSS to give her opinion I reached out to them on Facebook to let them know how horrible the site was and that I wanted to feature it on my blog but not with the glitches. They wrote me back in 3 hours apologizing and asking for a private message with screen shots and details of my device and OS.  Due to computer problems, I couldn’t get back to them until yesterday when I sent photos and a short demonstration video.  They again got right back to me.


Please let me know if you are a member also  and how you participate or  write me if you are not and end up checking it out – whether you join or not.  Thanks for reading 🙂